Preserved Lemons

Sometimes the dish you are making just needs that little bit of extra kick. A little sour, a little salty, a little bit of acidity. Those folks in the mediterranean and middle east figured out a long time ago that pickling lemons can provide just that needed kick to a dish, and it's done so simply, too. We use these in cous cous often, or with chicken and olives. Ingredients

  • 5-6 lemons
  • Salt
  1. Cut about 1/4 inch off of one end of each lemon.
  2. Cut each lemon, starting at the end you trimmed off, as if you were cutting them in quarters, but don't cut all the way through, so they are still attached at one end.
  3. Rub a generous amount of salt all over the middle of the lemons, where you cut them.
  4. Squeeze the lemons down into a quart jar, so that most of the juice squeezes out of them.
  5. Top off the jar with lemon juice if the juice from the lemons doesn't quite cover the lemons. Leave a little bit of room in the jar though, as the lemons will lose some more of their juice as they sit.
  6. Put the lid on the jar, and let the lemons sit for a few days at room temp, and then for two to three weeks in the fridge, until the rinds are soft.
  7. At this point, they are ready to use.
Preserved Lemons


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Oh I got such an itch for anything with lemon right now! Really, a drooling itch!
In HUngary I had lots of Serbian friends and they made lemonade of lots and lost of lemons, lots of honey and water.
I should try to make those preserved lemons...

Dave Feucht said...

It's really simple, and they are sooooo good. It's got sweet, sour, bitter and salty all in one. It's brilliant with olives and cous cous or other pasta.